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The Red Lion
9pm - 2am
363 Shiquan Street
0512 6526 3360
Shiquan street is famous for many things. Bars on the street are often famous either for their cold draught beer or their cold bottled beer. Places with draught beer show sports on the TV. When they don’t have draught beer, they throw dice. Customers and staff at the Red Lion have been throwing dice for years. Rooms on the second floor host private games.

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Where is Lucy (aussie)
I have spent many great evening here with Lucy and Sissy does anyone know where Lucy is now?

red lion bar (asx)
i know sissi for at least 6 or 7 years and she is a very good mamasan

Next door is a venue much loved (Michael Martin)
Hi Its Michael say hi to Xie Yaog for me.

Best casino in Suzhou (Eddie)
The Red Lion is also great for fast paced 3 card Monte too and if you have the time learn "Run Fast" a great chinese card game. Hi SiSi.

Eddie in Detroit

Its a Bar - no its a casino - no its a bar (Eddie)
The dice are pretty good - but playing - 5 no looky - 3 card Monty - is damn good too, and this is just the place to do it in.

Eddie - Detroit

Greeting from Sweden! (Benny Andersson)
If you are staying in Suzhou i can strongly recommend a visit to the Red Lion bar. Just drop in for a couple of beer or drinks and some gambling with the nice girls. The mamasan SiSi is a very beautiful and charming lady.

Great and Friendly Hangout (FeiLong)
The Red Lion has a special charm. On the first floor you will find the regular venu, people sitting around, enjoying a beer, some female company and playing dice or cards.
On the second floor you can play pool.
One of the owners, Sissy manages to light up the heart of almost anybody that comes to the place. Most of the girls speak some level of english and after a few visits the place turns into a comftable hangout with perks.

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Oct 05, 2015
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